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about project

Visegrad ARHAB Days is the project aiming at realisation of educational workshops connected with launches of stratospheric balloons including outfit consisting of radio equipment and meteo station. During the mission, our team will do some research on distribution of radio waves in the upper layers of the atmosphere (through the troposphere, up to the stratosphere). The planned altitude which shall be reached during the flight is about 30,000m. Our capsule will be equipped with utilities necessary for making video recordings and HD photographs. We will also explore the vertical distribution of temperatures and pressure from the moment of the launch till the balloon reaches the ceiling.


The launch will be realised from Poland, but radio communications with the use of special design amateur radio repeater will be realised by amateur radio operators from the European countries and radio communications with the stations of the Visegrad Group’s countries will be extra-rewarded. During the stratospheric flights, special event amateur radio stations will start activity in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The action of distributing of diplomas makes one of elements of the project. Its regulations will determine the number of points to be collected in order to receive a special, occasional diploma of Visegrad ARHAB Days Award. On its face, one can find a photograph of the depths of space and the Earth’s curvature immortalized during our stratospheric mission. It will be necessary to realise communications via the repeater mounted in the balloon transponder, as well as the stations installed in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. All those, who realise the communications will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire used for testing the properties of distribution of radio waves in stratosphere.


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