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Visegrad Amateur-Radio High-Altitude Balloon Days Award


2013 Edition 

  1. Award Sponsor

The Copernicus Project Foundation, Rozgarty, ul. Sarnia 12B, 87-134 Zławieś Wielka, Poland.

  1. Program Partners

    - Czech Radio Club (CRC)
    - Slovak Amateur Radio Association (SZR)
    - Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ)
    - Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK)
  2.  Goal

The Visegrad Group (V4) is an informal regional association of co-operation between four Central European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, bound not only by their neighbourhood and similar geo-political conditions, but above all, by common history, tradition, culture, and values. The idea for creating the Group was related to expansion of co-operation in the development of democratic national structures and free-market economy, and, in further perspective, participation in the European integration processes. The date accepted as the beginning of the V4 Group’s activity is February 15, 1991, when the Presidents of the Poland Lech Wałęsa and of the Czech Republic Vaclav Hável, as well as the Prime Minister of Hungary József Antall, signed the common declaration in the Hungarian city of Visegrad, determining conditions of co-operation.

In 2004, all the V4 Group countries joined the European Union, and the Visegrad Group continues to exchange experiences and work out common positions on all matters that are important for the future of the region and the EU.

Our Award contributes to the integration of the amateur-radio organizations of the V4 Group countries, furthering co-operation of our amateur radio operators under the projects related to the Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon (ARHAB) flights.

  1. Award Activity Period

From May 25 to June 30, 2013.


  1. Conditions
  1. Win 50 points according to the following key:
  • A mandatory QSO with the Sponsor’s special-event station SN0VBD: 20 pts.
  • QSO’s with the special-event stations of the Visegrad ARHAB Days, operating from             HA – HG0VBD – 15 pts.
    OK – OL13VBD – 15 pts.
  • A QSO with an individual operator co-operating with the Sponsor: 5 pts.
  • A regularly updated list of valid stations will be published at www.nearspace.eu/stacje

  1. Any band, any mode, HF or VHF.
  2. A QSO can be repeated with the same station on other bands or with other modes.
  3. QSO’s via terrestrial repeaters are not valid.
  4. Same conditions apply to SWL’s.
  5. The electronic version of the Award is free of charge.

You may ask for a hard copy. Fee: PLN 15, or EUR 5. Bank account:

Bank PEKAO S.A., Account No.               25 1240 1936 1111 0010 4689 5371

  1. Paypal payments are accepted, please ask for details.
  2. QSL cards from the ARHAB Project stations are not required.
  3. Award Applications

Only in electronic form sent on or before September 30, 2013.

The application form is available at:


  1. Updates will be published at www.nearspace.eu


These Rules are valid from May 25 to September 30, 2013.


Andrzej Hoffmann SP2FRY

Award Manager

Copernicus Project Foundation


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