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About the Store

Out of passion for experimenting. Being where few people can go. Touching what few people can touch.

Maciej Jakimiec

The establishment of our store is the result of a large number of inquiries addressed to us for many years. It turns out that as part of the implementation of your passions, you often encounter problems related to obtaining the necessary equipment.  Where to buy? at what price? and is he a reliable seller? These are frequent questions and doubts.

We personally started our adventure with the conquest of the stratosphere in 2004. At the time, we imported all the necessary equipment (balloon shells, electronics, on-board cameras) from the United States. With some products, it has remained so to this day.

It was then that we brought into being Copernicus Project .  For the next 15 years we were conquering the stratosphere while having fun and developing our passions.

Maciej Jakimiec

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