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LightAPRS-W (+ WSPR) tracker

APRS tracker

APRS tracker

LightAPRS-W is a small, lightweight tracker with powerful capabilities. In addition to the popular APRS, it allows for broadcasting using WSPR, which perfectly fits the needs of PICO missions. It is able to report its position, altitude, pressure and temperature on the network APRS e.g. or transmit information as standard WSPR , e.g. Works with solar panels, batteries or only with batteries (4 x AAA). Equipped with open source software, it allows you to add any sensors thanks to I2C / SPI.

Basic properties:

remember that to work on amateur bands you must have the so-called Radio license , popularly referred to as the ham radio license.
If you do not have one yourself, look for an amateurs club in the vicinity or invite someone who has permission to join their team.

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