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PicoAPRS Lite

APRS tracker

APRS tracker

PicoAPRS Lite is an APRS tracker that weighs only 7g (without housing, battery and SMA socket). It was developed with stratospheric balloon missions in mind.

The used GPS module works without any altitude limitations. The tracker is very efficient and can work with a small solar cell and buffer capacitors. Its current consumption is approximately 3 mA.
It also includes a temperature and air pressure sensor.

Due to its small dimensions of only 27.8 x 66.9 x 6.3 mm, this compact tracker can, for example, be installed in cars almost invisibly. This allows you to use APRS without annoying wiring in the car or too short antenna cables.

PicoAPRS Lite:

Optional accessories:

Voltage regulation:
When working with a solar panel and a buffer capacitor, the operating voltage usually drops to zero overnight.
As the sun rises, the device will work again, sending the coordinates of the moving load.
Due to the lack of a voltage regulator for the batteries, please do not charge the batteries via the USB port.

remember that to work on amateur bands you must have the so-called Radio license , popularly referred to as the ham radio license.
If you do not have one yourself, look for an amateurs club in the vicinity or invite someone who has permission to join their team.

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