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The accessories necessary for the implementation of the stratospheric mission are, above all, a good and proven gas cylinder reducer. In our activity, we can deal with the RBHe-1 helium reducer or the RBW-1 hydrogen reducer.

They are equipped with safety valves through which excess gas is released from the outlet pressure chamber to the outside when the outlet pressure exceeds the acceptable limit.

Reducers are of the same design, but depending on the type of gas for which they are intended, they have different dimensions of internal and connecting elements. Combustible gas coupling nuts have left-hand threads and are marked with a hexagon notch.

Additional, necessary accessories are a gas set for pumping gas into the balloon shell. Thanks to it, you will safely force the right amount of gas into the balloon shell.

The gas kit does not include a gas regulator, which must be purchased separately. It can be used with a hydrogen or helium reducer.