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APRS , i.e. Automatic Packet Reporting System , is a type of digital broadcasting based on technology packet radio which allows radio amateurs around the world to exchange information packets. These are among others:

the position of the object (geographical coordinates),
travel speed,
weather data

The author of the system is Bob Bruninga – his ham radio sign is WB4APR – a longtime employee of the United States Naval Academy.

The system allows for the transmission of positions of mobile stations by means of short reports addressed to all other stations. Position reports are also sent by fixed stations. They, depending on the need, send in addition to the position, also a lot of other information, such as weather reports or telemetry data reports. Thanks to this, each station on its own monitor can observe the current development of events. A characteristic element of the system is the connection of mobile stations with GPS devices ensuring the precision of reports.

The APRS network includes many types of stations, including the basic ones:

mobile stations (cars, bicycles, pedestrians, planes, ships, balloons)
fixed stations (houses, facilities – e.g. ham repeaters)
digital converters, so-called digipeaters
weather stations, WX
Internet gateways, the so-called IGate (from Internet Gate) – stations sending frames received from the radio network to one of the APRS-IS servers, as well as the other way (frames from the server are properly filtered and sent to the radio network) – most often only messages are sent.

The APRS system is very often used during the implementation of stratospheric missions. Trackers working in this standard can be found in the store

Other systems include WSPR or more and more popular LoRa .

remember that to work on amateur bands you must have the so-called Radio license , popularly referred to as the ham radio license.
If you do not have one yourself, look for an amateurs club in the vicinity or invite someone who has permission to join their team.

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APRS trackers

PicoAPRS Lite

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