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Specialized parachutes made of DuPont’s special Tyvek material.
Tyvek is a lightweight, eco-friendly, waterproof and durable material for many applications. It looks like crumpled paper, but it combines features of both paper and foil, plastic and textile. It is stronger than natural leather.

How is this possible? Tyvek – these are polyethylene fibers bonded under the influence of temperature and pressure. They form a highly permeable membrane consisting of millions of fibers. Thanks to them, Tyvek “breathes” – it allows water vapor to pass through, but not liquid water. It is characterized by high dimensional stability, resistance to weather conditions (high temperature, UV radiation).

The parachutes we offer are light products, weighing 140-370 grams, perfectly suitable for use in any stratospheric mission. Recommended for loads weighing between 1000 and 3000 g. Their diameter is 156-300 cm.

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